We debugged our Cisco 5200 and determined that the radius server is not
giving the access server the Framed Address attribute.  We are
authenticating off a database.  We are currently using Platypus for our
accounting software.  We are running Radiator 2.12.1and Microsoft SQL
Server.  Below is the default realm from our radius config file.  My problem
is we want to give some users a static IP Address, but it will not work.
What is the problem here?  Can you tell me what the SQL call Radiator makes
to our database, so we can run it locally to make sure it is getting the
framed IP address.

Greg Kornatowsky


        RewriteUsername tr/[A-Z]/[a-z]/
        MaxSessions     1
        AcctLogFileName %L/detail
        PasswordLogFileName %L/password.log

        <AuthBy EMERALD>
                # Change DBSource, DBUsername, DBAuth for your database
                # See the reference manual
                DBSource        dbi:Sybase:SQLSERVER1
                DBUsername      platuser
                DBAuth          XXXXXX

                # You can add to or change these if you want.
                AccountingTable Calls
                AcctColumnDef   UserName,User-Name
                AcctColumnDef   CallDate,Timestamp,integer-date
                AcctColumnDef   AcctStatusType,Acct-Status-Type,integer
                AcctColumnDef   AcctDelayTime,Acct-Delay-Time,integer
                AcctColumnDef   AcctInputOctets,Acct-Input-Octets,integer
                AcctColumnDef   AcctOutputOctets,Acct-Output-Octets,integer
                AcctColumnDef   AcctSessionId,Acct-Session-Id
                AcctColumnDef   AcctSessionTime,Acct-Session-Time,integer
                AcctColumnDef   AcctTerminateCause,Acct_Terminate-Cause
                AcctColumnDef   NASIdentifier,NAS-Identifier
                AcctColumnDef   NASIdentifier,NAS-IP-Address
                AcctColumnDef   NASPort,NAS-Port,integer

                # You can use this to force Radiator to limit
                # maximum session times to how many minutes
                # are left in subaccounts.timeleft

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