> My name is David and i'm from Unisource, Spain. I have some questions
> about Radius Radiator and i hope anyone can help me.
> I want to limitate the simultaneous use of my clients, but i dont know
> how can i
> do it. I am working in a Solaris and AUTH BY FILE.
> I have read some questions about this problem and, for example, when i
> write DefaultSimultaneousUse 1 (to limit acces to 1) and stop and start
> radius, there are a ERROR in the logfile that say that don't recognice
> that command.
> Some question:
>     Do i have to configure SNMP in my Acces Server (cisco) and in the
> Radius?
>     Do i have to add in the dictionary file some words (like
> DefaultSimultaneousUse or Simultaneous-Use)?
>     And, in a few words, what i have to do to limit access, please????
> Thanks

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