This is a question that will hopefully be quick and simple, if not, DOH

I have a flat file containing over 1000 users, obviously to manually enter all this into a database would be a nightmare, I would like to know if there is a simpler way other than buildsql to enter this flat file into the database since I am using different fields ... everyone knows the standard fields, here are my new ones.

        CLID  ->  "Calling-Station-ID" -> Check
        SERVICE -> "Service-Type" -> Check
        EXPIRE -> "Expiration" -> Check
        PROTO   -> "Framed-Protocol" -> Reply
        FRIP -> "Framed-IP-Address" -> Reply
        MASK -> "Framed-IP-Netmask" -> Reply
        TIMEOUT -> "Session-Timeout" -> Reply
        IDLE -> "Idle-Timeout" -> Reply

I have chosen to do this, due to the fact that down the track I will be making a series of administration PHP3 scripts for adding and removing users, and having this set fields would make the script work much easier. Also buildsql has a bad habbit of putting "Service-Type" in the REPLYATTR filed instead of CHECKATTR (Well according to the Radiator Manual thats where this is supposed to go)        

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