Hi Brian -

Apologies - I stand corrected.  :-(

You are quite right - I had confused <AuthBy UNIX> and <AuthBy SYSTEM>.

So, yes you can use a UNIX-style password file on an NT box. The only likely
problems with this are file access permissions and file location issues.

 On Sat, 31 Jul 1999, Mike McCauley wrote:
> Hi Hugh,
> According to the reference manual (page 44) it is not necessary for the
> passwd file to be located on a Unix box.  However,  if this is not true,  is
> it possible for Radiator running on NT to authenticate to the passwd file
> on the Solaris machine itself?

Well yes you can - just set up another instance of Radiator on the Solaris
machine and use a proxy configuration. However this is probably not the ideal
setup for you.

 > Basically I have users who currently authenticate using TACACS+
to the > Solaris machine who I would like to authenticate through Radiator on
NT.  I > do not have their passwords otherwise I would move them all to an SQL
> database and authenticate from it.  Now that I have said that - is it
> possible to import all the users and their _encrypted_ passwords to an SQL
> database for authentication?

Yes you can. <AuthBy SQL> can take the EncryptedPassword parameter if you are
storing encrypted passwords. See Section 6.23.7 in the manual.



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