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> Hi,
> I am using Radiator-2.13.1 on Solaris with Ascend NAS. Radiator is setup
> to do Auth by File and Accounting to mSQL and I have also setup a
> Session Database on mSQL to prevent Simultaneous Logins. If an already
> connected user tries to login second time, instead of denying him/her, how
> do you make radius finger/SNMP Ascend(s) to make sure that the user is
> actually connected and then deny the service. This is because if for some
> reason the accounting packet is lost, then a user (even though not logged
> in) may be denied. Any Ideas ?

You need to set the NasType parameter in your <Client ...> configurations.

<Client xxxx>
        Secret ....
        NasType Cisco/Ascend .... # check section 6.4.5 in the manual



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