On Wed, 04 Aug 1999, Eric Reeves wrote:
> I'm attempting to use the AuthEmerald module with Radiator v2.14.1 on an
> NT4-SP5 system.  The error I am getting is as follows:
> C:\Radiator>perl radiusd
> Can't locate object method "new" via package "Radius::AuthEmerald" at 
> Radius/Handler.pm line 68, <FILE> chunk 52.
> My guess is that AuthEmerald is supposed to use the "new" sub from the
> AuthSQL package, but Handler.pm is looking for the "new" sub directly in
> AuthEmerald.  Is there a problem w/ Radiator, or (more likely) have I
> goofed up somewhere along the line?  

You don't include your configuration file, but it looks like you have specified

<AuthBy Emerald>

rather than


note EMERALD in UPPER case - the debug correctly says it can't find
Radius::AuthEmerald. You will see AuthEMERALD.pm in the Radius directory in
your installation directory.



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