Hello Jeremy -

On Mon, 09 Aug 1999, Jeremy Burton wrote:
> Hi all,
>       I know i posted about this last week, however I am still having similar
> problems - Radiator is dieing when the tcp/ip link to the database dies.
> Situation:
> DB server is on one segment
> Radiator radius machine is on another.
> Router in the middle crashes. 
> Radiator crashes altogether, and requires a kill -9 pid
> We are using Oracle 8.0.5, Radiator 2.14.1, DBI 1.13. The machine is a Sparc
> Solaris 2.5.1
> Anyone got any ideas? This is causing us big problems. Our backup radius
> server is running Solaris/x86 2.6, with Radiator 2.13.1, and DBI 1.01 and
> is runnign fine through these crashes....

We have not done any testing with Oracle 8.0.5 (on Solaris or any other
platform). You will have to provide us with more debug information to assist
with the problem.



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