Hi all,
        I know i posted about this last week, however I am still having similar
problems - Radiator is dieing when the tcp/ip link to the database dies.


DB server is on one segment
Radiator radius machine is on another.

Router in the middle crashes. 

Radiator crashes altogether, and requires a kill -9 pid

We are using Oracle 8.0.5, Radiator 2.14.1, DBI 1.13. The machine is a Sparc
Solaris 2.5.1

Anyone got any ideas? This is causing us big problems. Our backup radius
server is running Solaris/x86 2.6, with Radiator 2.13.1, and DBI 1.01 and
is runnign fine through these crashes....

Jeremy Burton
Database Administrator, Netspace Online Systems

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