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On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Ric O'Connell wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I am using AuthBySQL --> I've looked through Radius::SqlDb.pm and
> Radius::AuthSQL.pm - -I'm still not sure how exactly the cursors are
> being handled.
> Is the connection to the database opened the first time an AuthSQL
> statement is executed and then kept open as long as Radius is running?
> It seems to simply try a reconnect in SqlDb.pm - never does a connect or
> disconnect.
> If this is the case - is $self the global DBI cursor?  Would I use this
> is a PostAuth hook if I need to talk to my database?  I'm trying to
> avoid opening a whole nother connection for a simple PostAuth hook.

All of the SQL support in Radius is based on the DBI/DBD perl libraries, which
is where the opens and so on occur. You can access any of the routines and/or
objects defined in those libraries.

You may find, however, that you can do what you need to with the AuthSelect,
AuthColumnDef, AcctSQLStatement and AcctColumnDef configuration parameters.

See Section 6.23 in the Radiator 2.14.1 reference manual for details.



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