Atlas Shrugs
September 18 / 19   2016
 _5 Questioned  by FBI in Connection With NYC Bombing_ 
    *   _Merkel’s  party LOSES power in Berlin as polls show WORST result 
in history_ (mip://0c666720/default.html#1)  
    *   _Minnesota  Mall Jihad Stabber ID’d as Dahir Adan, Muslim Migrant_ 
    *   _BOMBING  CONNECTION: Police Believe Bombings in NYC, NJ, 
Connected, Source Says_ (mip://0c666720/default.html#3)   
    *   _ARABIC  Note Found with NYC BOMB_ (mip://0c666720/default.html#4)  
    *   _A Muslim  Describes Life for Women Under the Shariah_ 
    *   _Gov. Cuomo  ‘obviously an act of terrorism’: Video of NYC Blast, 
Victims, Wounds_ (mip://0c666720/default.html#6)  
    *   _Michigan:  Three Muslim websites hacked: “Arise, O Muslims for 
jihad…Stop follow and  imitate western people in Wrong culture And forget about 
your religion”_ (mip://0c666720/default.html#7)   
    *   _“Palestinian” Imam in an Al-Aqsa Mosque  Address: Oh Allah, Blow 
Up the Capitals and Planes of U.S. and Russia_ 
    *   _ISIS  Claims Credit for St. Cloud Knife Rampage: ‘Soldier of the 
Islamic State’_ (mip://0c666720/default.html#9)   
    *   _Pro-ISIS  and Devout Muslims Rush To Celebrate NYC Bombing: “We 
cause you pain inside  your house”_ (mip://0c666720/default.html#10)  
    *   _Guantanamo prisoner says Saudi royal was  part of jihad 
recruitment effort_ (mip://0c666720/default.html#11)  
    *   _Pope:  welcoming refugees helps keeps us safe from terrorism_ 
    *   _Jihad  Knife Rampage at St. Cloud Mall, 8 Stabbed, Muslim Asked 
Victims if They Were  Muslim_ (mip://0c666720/default.html#13)  
    *   _More Recent Articles_ (mip://0c666720/default.html#26412_recap)  

This is the next wave of terror. No one is safe.  Anywhere.

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