Ok Michael, it seems that there is no solution so far. 

But the good news are that it donĀ“t lasts forever: around February the
Brazilian DST usually stops and I can use back the normal time for
Brazil instead of Chile, but I must remember of that, because now Chile
is in a DST ON and they probably will go back near February and then
there will be one hour less than Brazil.

In fact, that stuff of DST is completly usesless thing for everybody, it
is useless and it was already proven that the damages for the body by
changing the routines is worst than the savings in energy. At least for
Brazil, where we will have a lot of Hydraulic resources, and almost all
of the energy generated here comes from Hydraulic. 

in the rest of the world in developed countries, where DST probably 
matters for energy, the governments are doing large steps to implement
solar or wind generation. I by myself seen a lot of wind generation
during my trips to Canada and Germany that I believe are countires a
step ahead in terms of energy generation.

Very thank you for your help. I will look foraward if a solution

Best regards,


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