We are looking at jumping off our current switch platform for a number of 
annoying reasons and are considering a couple of options for replacement.  I 
use Rancid pretty heavily and I wondered if I could get some feedback on how 
Rancid works with those vendors (it seems there's support, but the devil is in 
the details) from people using the equipment.

We're looking at Fortinet switches, as we use their firewalls.  I have Rancid 
well integrated with the firewalls and as I understand it, the switches are 
downloaded from the firewalls when in linked mode.  Do the switch configs get 
uploaded to rancid as part of the firewall's configuration backup?  Or do you 
have to somehow interrogate each switch separately like we do for our current 

The other option we're looking at is Extreme.  I see that it is managed by the 
standard clogin (according to the Rancid docs) and just wondered if there was 
anything to be aware of with interfacing to their gear.

Thanks.  Just wanted to get a more accurate understanding of the level of 
support for these two device families.  Detailed responses are welcome to use 
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