Thu, May 17, 2018 at 07:28:28PM +0000, Chris Davis:
> We are looking at jumping off our current switch platform for a number of 
> annoying reasons and are considering a couple of options for replacement.  I 
> use Rancid pretty heavily and I wondered if I could get some feedback on how 
> Rancid works with those vendors (it seems there's support, but the devil is 
> in the details) from people using the equipment.
> We're looking at Fortinet switches, as we use their firewalls.  I have Rancid 
> well integrated with the firewalls and as I understand it, the switches are 
> downloaded from the firewalls when in linked mode.  Do the switch configs get 
> uploaded to rancid as part of the firewall's configuration backup?  Or do you 
> have to somehow interrogate each switch separately like we do for our current 
> switches?
> The other option we're looking at is Extreme.  I see that it is managed by 
> the standard clogin (according to the Rancid docs) and just wondered if there 
> was anything to be aware of with interfacing to their gear.

I can't comment on fortinet, but the extreme ought to work.  however, it has
been at least a year since I've had feed back about one.

Also, recommend considering juniper and arista.

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