Tuesday, October 18, 2016

And you thought R:BASE X Enterprise database backup couldn't get any easier!

Did you know that you can create a secure backup of your "live database" in a
multi-user LAN, WAN, or Cloud environment, on-demand?

The newly implemented SHARECPY command in R:BASE X and R:BASE X Enterprise now
allows you to make a backup copy of your live database in a multi-user LAN,
WAN, or Cloud environment.

Using the OUTPUT filename.ext ENCRYPT password command, you can also create
secure backups (using the UNLOAD ALL approach) of your live database in a
multi-user LAN, WAN, or Cloud environment.

A sample application is now available to illustrate the use of this powerful

Check it out!

R:BASE Sample Applications: http://www.Razzak.com/SampleApplications/

Application Title: Creating Secure Backups On-Demand (R:BASE X Enterprise)

This specific sample application is intended for all users running their
mission-critical R:BASE X Enterprise live database(s) in a multi-user LAN,
WAN, or Cloud environment.

Please Note:

. There are no pre-requisites to install and run this sample application.

. There is no need to have any version of R:BASE installed on your computer.

. You may install this application in a network and MS Cloud environment
  to really see the performance and capabilities of R:BASE X Enterprise.

. Mobile PC and/or Touch Screen users may also enjoy the new interface.

See the attached Screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

Have fun!

Very Best R:egards,


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