Hi All,
After updating to the latest R:BASE X Enterprise (ver., one of 
our applications that inserts data into a R:BASE table using the ODBC driver is 
failing with the following error message:

$exception {"ERROR [21S01] [RBTI][R:BASE 10.0 ODBC ODBC Driver][WICHE 
Applicants]-ERROR- Incorrect number of values for this table ( 118)"} 

This program is designed to insert an incomplete records into the R:BASE table 
(with the expectation that fields not specified will be filled with null or 
default value).  I confirmed that this program works correctly for all previous 
version of R:BASE (last one was Did something change with the 
newest version?

OBDC Driver:
R:BASE X Enterprise Database Driver

- John
John Murnane
UTO Computing Support
Arizona State University
work: 602-496-1137
mobile: 480-543-9582

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