If you remember, Opportunistic record locking was an issue back in the days 
of Windows NT and required changing (in some cases adding) a registry 
setting to disable it. One  Microsoft support article that shows how to 
disable it or to tune it to a particular need:


On Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 8:49:08 PM UTC-4, karen...@cs.com wrote:
> I am posting for a friend who is not active on this list.
> Has anyone here run RBase X/XE on a Linux server?  Specifically locating 
> the database there, perhaps also the RBase executables.  They are willing 
> to pay someone for their time if setting up such an arrangement is 
> possible.   If you like, you may contact me off-list to discuss specifics.
> Thanks!!!    (PS: might not be on the list much Thursday, so be patient if 
> I don't respond)
> Karen

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