> Undiagnosed clicks are maddening. I have had problems in the past 
> diagnosing clicks. My last click turned out to be a slightly loose chain 
> ring bolt, but that was my problem. On to your problem. Here are some 
> suggestions:  Lube all your nipples at the rim, but not the threads. Remove 
> your rim tape and inspect nipple rim interface. Check your hub for cracks 
> at the spoke holes. If they are double wall rims, take it off and shake the 
> wheel and see if anything inside rattles. If you are running real low air 
> pressure and have a very tight fit under fenders, the tire could grow at 
> speed and create a tick, so check your fenders to see if they slipped or 
> moved (happened to me). While holding the axle of the wheel in your hands, 
> spin the wheel and feel for rough spots in the bearings. Also, check both 
> wheels. For me, the sounds source is hard to discern while riding. It might 
> not be the wheel you think it is. Maybe the other one?

Best of luck!

Clayton (Bend) 

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