Thanks for the replies and the lead to Soma & IRD.  I knew about the Harris 
Ultegra's but thought they were high priced.  Compared to the upper level 
IRD ($90) they are not.

I have enough to go on.

Did Rivendell just sell certain IRD's or did IRD make a special one for 

John Hawrylak
Woodstown NJ

On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 6:12:12 PM UTC-4, John Hawrylak wrote:

> A few months ago the RBW website advertised 9 spd cassettes from IRD in 
> sizes not commonly available.  Now, there is only the standard 
> Shimano/Srams on the site. 
> Does anyone know what happened???   The idea sounded good and their write 
> up was convincing.
> John Hawrylak
> Woodstown NJ

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