Michele , I did mean the one that Scott linked .  I had not thought about 
it though, but the Surly kit can even be used with that rack, though I 
don't know it's capacity as it's not stated !   But still, having a larger 
platform would better support a basket and you could use all sorts of 
various bags.  

  The soma rack 
http://www.somafab.com/archives/product/porteur-rack-stainless-steel,  can 
also take small panniers on the lower horizontal rail. 
The VO one can as well but the bag mounting interferes with the platform, 
and the center of gravity would be higher. 

   As for racks like the 27F that attach @ canti mounts, that's fine if 
your brakes have the right bolt style. Paul and Sun Tour require special 
and very expensive ($30 pr.) bolts from Paul, ouch. 

  But hey, the Nitto Big Front rack would work all around !  

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