Hi Peter,

I am not speaking for or stepping in for Bill but I do know he has bikes 
and miles to ride (see another post)!

Bike geometry is one of those "simply complex" things and has been 
discussed for years, probably as long as modern bikes have existed.  I 
would say read up on geometry decisions and approaches then come back (in 
another thread) with questions.  There are people here far more 
knowledgeable than I and I am sure you will get lots of opinions.

In its essence, a bike is a bike... as Grant would say... just ride!

But once you move away from that, it can get somewhat more complicated. 
 There are probably much better resources but here is a place to start on 
understanding certain issues, this link concentrating on touring bikes and 
their geometry differences:


But, to your question about bars... upright bars generally need a longer 
relative top tube (to account for the different reach of those bars versus 
drop bars).  But, with that, people have used upright bars on every bike 
imaginable - success being measured solely by the rider!

Best to you,


On Sunday, August 6, 2017 at 10:44:53 AM UTC-5, Peter Turskovitch wrote:
> Hi Bill, sorry if the question seems ignorant. I don't know a ton about 
> bike geometry. 
> Can't you put upright bars on any bike? Lots of bikes take 2" tires. And 
> what effect do the chainstays have?

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