After some contemplation and some great feedback from all of you I just 
received my new medium Saddlesack. I am beyond happy with how awesome it 
is. Af first when I looked at it I didn't think it would be large enough to 
hold my S24O gear. I thought about exchanging it for the large but then I 
put it on the bike and stuffed it with my camping gear. This bag expands 
nicely and holds a lot! The square shape is better at swallowing up gear 
than a standard saddle bag. In the end I think I will be happy I went with 
the medium. I decided on the blue one which looks so much better in person! 

Question about wire guards. I know that Nitto makes a nice wire guard that 
Riv does not currently have in stock. I have Paul Racer brakes and the 
brake cable does rub when the bag is stuffed with camping gear. I took it 
for a test ride and found that the rear brake still functions but boy I 
really don't like the thought of that cable rubbing on the bag. I thought 
maybe I could ziptie the bottom of the bag to the rack but I am not sure if 
that will be sufficient enough from preventing a bag that is stuffed full 
from sliding forward. Until I can pick up a wireguard is their an interim 


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