Yep it's a super versatile bike for somebody with the will to take 
advantage of the versatility.  It's a Quickbeam if you build it like a 
Quickbeam.  It's a Monster Crosser if you build it like a Monster Cross. 
 It's a road bike if you build it like a road bike.  It's a Hilsen/Country 
Bike if you go that way.  It's even an Atlantis/loaded touring bike, if 
that's what you want to do with it.  Unlike all of the above it's a 
carry-bike.  Anybody who takes their bikes up and down lots of stairs every 
day in their normal daily life will lament how they've been doing it wrong 
all their lives with no liftatube.  

I already have one, and I'm thinking about buying yours so I can stash one 
at a vacation spot.  It's like stashing six bikes in one garage, again, if 
you have the will to take advantage of all that flexibility.  Many people 
are better served with lots of specific bikes, rather than one versatile 

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA 

On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 7:11:28 AM UTC-7, Gabriel Bruguier wrote:
> Bill-- thank you for that helpful contextualization of the Rosco with 
> other Riv models.  It is especially instructive for me for the Quickbeam, 
> which is a bike that very much appeals to me, but isn't readily available 
> for a test ride at Riv dealers.  There is one recently opened in Omaha that 
> I have not yet visited.

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