The Chocomooses that came stock on my Appaloosa are bees knees perfect as 
far as I'm concerned. But I definitely don't ride much single track on 
mine. Dirt and that other stuff roads plenty. Rough, badly maintained MUPs, 
yes. The thing that is so great about this set up is how stable it all is. 
But for single track you will want more fast response maneuverability. I 
would say maybe standard Bullmooses may be the way for you to go. But then 
you need to consider that the Appa is designed for bars that sweep back 
with a longer top tube. Maybe a non-moose bar with the right length stem 
will enable you to dial in the reach better. I agree with Jeremy and others 
that are using Jones bars on their Appaloosa's. That might be an avenue for 
you to explore.

Bill in Westchester, NY

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