It was a great day on the bike.  I also felt strong, and it was the first
time in my life that it felt like I had a tailwind all day. (It's usually
the opposite!). I decided to ride my Roadeo because I didn't need lights
for this ride and could enjoy riding unencumbered.  For the 200k, I usually
ride with my buddy and do an eating tour, but he had to cancel out the last
minute, so I thought I would ride quickly (for me) and efficiently, because
I had to go to dinner with my wife later that evening.   I ended up with my
best time ever for a 200k by a couple hours!!

The Roadeo felt great, but my climbing legs were pooped by the end.
Mountain-biking Bill looked fresh and strong on those last climbs!

I'll probably ride my custom on the 300k and take it slower, but am looking
to enjoy it.

At the finish, Rivs were well represented.  There was an AHH, 2 Sams
(including Bill's) and my Roadeo.


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