With a smaller wheel (650b), wide rim, and big tires you will be fine with 
40 hole rear. I agree a good wheel builder is critical. 

We (stoker and I) have put thousands of loaded touring miles on our 40 hole 
650b Hetre shod Bilenky touring tandem, and are happy as clams with the 36 
hole setup on our HHH. For reference -- I'm 6'7", 240 lbs.; stoker is 5'3", 
110 lbs. 

Julian Westerhout
Bloomington, IL 

On Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 7:49:27 PM UTC-6, Kainalu V. wrote:
> Hello friends,
> Circumstances have led me to a strong needing and the (foolhardy?) buying 
> of a tandem, and I'm in over my head (low funds and a tandem newbie). 
> Luckily, before I put in any real effort to get some wheels lined up, I 
> realized that the large Hubbuhubbuh, like all the other Hubbuhubbuhs, rolls 
> on 650b's. I think this will make it difficult to find someone sitting on a 
> used wheelset, so I'm pretty sure I'll be looking for used hub[s]. 
> Definitely a 145mm rear (disk for the dragggg), and if anyone's got a high 
> spoke count dyno hub, let me know, but what I'm wavering on is hole counts 
> for the rear. I'm 220lbs and have stokers lined up starting at 55lbs on 
> through 275lbs. I figure 48 holes is a no brainer, and I want Cliffhangers 
> for width and awesomeness, but I've come to find that Cliffhanger 650b's 
> only come in 40 hole. That's a deal breaker, yes? What else is out there in 
> 48 holes with that kind of width and robustitude?
> Thanks
> -Kai
> BK NY 
> P.S.- let me know if you've got any long (adjustable?) 29.8 stoker stems 
> burning a hole in your parts bin

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