This recent post by Jan may help answer your question:

If you haven’t ridden Compass tires before, you owe it to yourself to 
experience them so you have a benchmark for what a premium, supple tire rides 
like and how it performs for the riding you do. It may not work well or long 
because of _____ (some sort of additional protection required, which always 
comes at the cost of smooth, cushy ride). But that way you’ll understand why 
you thus choose to ride whatever you ride.

If knowing that isn’t high on your list, then I’d go with the Gravel Kings and 
be done. They are beefier, heaftier rides to the Compass, built by the same 
people. As Jan puts it, the VW and the Bugatti engine both come out of the same 
factory, but are very different engines. Grin.

With abandon,

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