Appreciate all the input.  I think for now, I'll leave a single up front, 
39 or 40, with the dingle 17/21 in the rear.  Gives a high in the mid 60's 
and low around 50.  Since I don't do mountains, like Deacon, this should be 
OK.  Then we'll see where it leads.


On Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 11:25:03 PM UTC-4, Mojo wrote:
> Hi Alan, Deacon is The Man of course. But here is what I did with my Q 
> gearing: I used 39/45 chainrings with a 17/21 Dingle and a 23T on the flip 
> side of the hub. That gave me 5 useable gears from 46 to 72 inches. Like 
> Minh I most often chose a gear and stayed there for the entire ride.  
> Since that picture and description my tires have grown to 32 or 35mm width 
> (& thus my gear inches have increased a bit) and I am using freewheels 
> instead of fixed. Fixed is pure and all that; freewheels are...well, free.
> Joe in GJT
> On Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 2:06:23 PM UTC-6, alan lavine wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Changing a few things on a new to me QB, and was wondering how others 
>> have them set up. For the rear I have a 17/21 dingle that I want to use, 
>> but haven't decided about the front. Single or double chainring? 
>> Would love to hear what others have used, and for what purpose, I.e. 
>> around town, touring, climbing, etc.  My use would be mostly around town, 
>> occasional 30-40 mile rides with moderate climbs, but no off road use. 
>>  Maybe CC tours in the future.
>> Also, how often do you actually change the gears? I wonder if I'd be too 
>> lazy to do it often, and just use a geared bike when needed.  So maybe a 
>> single up front and dingle in the rear would suffice.
>> Thanks,
>> Alan
>> NYC

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