RE Geometry:  

I haven't delved into the details too deeply yet, but  speaking personally 
as one who long wanted but never quite fit one of the old Atlanti sizes - 
nor *most* of the more recent 6 degree models - these appear to be* just 
different enough*!  I'd have adequate stand over clearance on the 56 - 
comparable to the old 58 - but also an adequate top tube length, comparable 
to the old 61.  Combined with the new, progressive geometry that makes it 
unique compared to anything else I own, I don't think I could ask for more 
of a reason to get one.  

BTW, maybe someone from Riv can confirm but, from recent conversations and 
research I've gathered that the standover height listings are based on the 
absolute fattest, knobbiest tire that can be squeezed into the frame.  
That's exactly how I'd use it so it's nice to know for me, but there might 
be even more flexibility for most people.

RE Pre-Sale:

Anybody know the details of how this will work?  Is there a limited 
timeframe, limited number of each size available, etc.?   I want to do it 
but I have to wait for some clients to pay their invoices.   On the other 
hand, I won't be able to afford wheels for quite a while, so the main 
motivator is taking advantage of a discount and giving Riv some cash flow.  
 How much of a discount do we suppose there is?  If I recall, the pre-sale 
discounts on the Joe completes were pretty sizeable, but those on frames 
aren't typically as big.   Mostly I don't want to worry about pulling it 
together in time if it's going to be a stress inducer.


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