tc asked if a Legolas is easier/cheaper for riv to sell, compared to a 

Yes, the design is totally complete for the Legolas.  When I order one, 
they just order a 57, and M. Nobilette already knows exactly what that is.  
So a Legolas is quite a bit less expensive than a custom.  With a custom, 
you work with Grant to decide what you are going to do on your bike and 
then Grant designs a bike for you.  It is not the kind of 'custom' where 
you tell Riv exactly the geometry and tubing you want, and they build it.  
It's a Grant design for you.  

I got to specify several little details, and that's easy.  I wanted 
clearance for Steilacooms, not 33mm cross-racing tires.  That's easy.  I'm 
running Mini-moto linear-pull brakes so I wanted no rear brake hanger.  I 
wanted discrete fender attach points and no rack braze ons on the stays or 
fork blades.  I wanted no pump peg.  I chose a head tube decal over a head 
badge.  Those were 'customized' options.  The only tiny geometry tweak is 
that the top tube has a TINY bit more slope than normal.  2-degrees instead 
of 1.5-degrees.  

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

On Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 6:22:07 AM UTC-7, tc wrote:
> Wow Bill (and Roman) - nice!  I never really thought about it, but I guess 
> any former Riv model can be made as a 'custom'.  Is there something about 
> the Legolas that makes it easier/cheaper for Riv to do this? 

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