Hey All, 

Analog Cycles, the DC area Riv/Crust dealer, is moving to VT on April 
24th.  On the 20th and 21st, we're hosting an old fashioned yard sale.  
It's 90% bike stuff, with a handful of life stuff in there.  8-3 both 
days.  Don't show up at 7:30, or we'll give you the stink eye.  Prices are 
gunna be super low.  No negotiating unless you bring stuff to barter with.  
Cash or Card, no checks.  9 Kline Blvd, Frederick MD 21701.  

Here's the deal:  

Lots of good parts and frames.  
-Riv and Crust frames
-Velocity Rims
-Schmidt and SP hubs
-Simworks stuff
-Nitto bars and stems, new and used
-Some camping gear
-Some weird old bike parts
-Berthoud and carradice bags
-Connex chains
-SKS Fenders
-WTB tires
-Really nice stainless cables for half off.
-Green Grips bar tape
-Brooks saddles

and way more.  It's a whole bunch of stuff.
Some of the stuff will be deeply discounted, some of it just moderately 

If you want a frame, the discount will be X.  If you want a frame and 
wheels, we'll build the wheels in June, and ship them down to you, and the 
frame will be X - a certain percentage, plus we'll give you a credit on the 
wheel build for 100 bucks.  If you want a frame and a complete build, we'll 
bring the frame with us, build it, and give you an even better deal on the 
frame and pay for shipping as well as give you a 250 dollar credit toward 
the build.  

Hope to see you out there!  -James

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