So, I just found out that the few months I thought I had to firm up parts 
for an upcoming Riv-inspired Inglis/Retrotec custom is a little shorter 
than that.  When I got a call last week, it was to inform me that I was #2 
on the build list, and #1 wasn't returning calls.  Sounds like I need to 
figure out a few things in short order!  

I want to run a Silver 42/28 crankset but not sure what to use for front 
shifting duties.  I've used a Suntour Cyclone to shift a 28/45/50 in the 
past but am not sure that's the best option.  Maybe a derailleur intended 
for MTB use would be better?

The key other criteria I can think of are that I would prefer at least some 
shiny parts.  Pure black modern components are a non-starter.  I will have 
either an XT or XTR on the rear, both with a mix of black and silver, so a 
little mix on the front is OK.  I'm going to be shifting with Microshift 
thumbies.  They use friction on the front, so no worries about indexing.  
It's just a question of which derailleur is most likely to move the chain 
in the smoothest way.  Any suggestions?

Thanks all!
Kurt Henry
Lancaster, PA

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