RDA 1.3 (for the core elements) - include the elements only if they "are 
applicable and readily ascertainable."

For these publisher-related elements though RDA does indicate the use of the 
"... not identified" placeholders. These signal at a minimum that the resource 
can be determined as being published but the place and name of publisher cannot 
be determined. The distribution and manufacturing data is triggered as core in 
the absence of identified publisher information, so that at least some useful 
identifying information must be recorded if applicable and readily 
ascertainable for published resources.

New to RDA is the split of the AACR2's date of manufacture into two elements. 
The date of manufacture of an unpublished (i.e. one-of-a-kind, not distributed, 
etc.) resource is now Date of Production. Two new elements responding to 
archives and museum needs have been added to the Production Statement and these 
are: Place of Production and Producer's Name (these are not core elements). 
AACR2 1.4C8 and 1.4D8 prohibited recording the place and name of a producer for 
unpublished resources, and recycled the date of manufacture as the date for the 
production of an unpublished resource. RDA takes AACR2's division of published 
vs unpublished resources and crafts a new element, Production Statement, out of 

Thomas Brenndorfer
Guelph Public Library

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Subject: [RDA-L] Publication/distribution/manufacturer statement

Hi all,
Given that RDA seems to have a hierarchy for publication, etc., 
information--take publication first, distribution if that is absent, and 
manufacture if distribution is also not present--what do we do if none of these 
are present and nothing can be supplied from outside the resource? It seems 
that the rules and the PCC policy statements are quiet on this possibility.
Seth Huber
University Library Specialist
Western Carolina University

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