Basma Chebani asked:

>Can we consider the Compiler (person or organization responsible for
>creating a new work) (Bibliography for example) as Main Author and to
>put it in 100 in MARC record?

The compiler of a bibliography, index, or directory is main entry
under both AACR2 and RDA.  The compiler of works by others is not main
entry in either AACR2 or RDA.

Some (including Hal from down under) contend that we should follow
scholars in using compiler main entry.  Major compilations of
historical source materials are often cited by compiler, but we do not
enter them that way.

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P.S.  My spell check almost turned "compilations" into "copulations",
as it earlier turned "umediated" into "unmedicated".

There are limitations to automation.  We are for the present
abandoning efforts to retrospectively assign relators to added
entries.  As our programmer says, that takes a carbon based entity.

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