Heidrun quoted RDA:

>It seems RDA calls this a "conventional collective title". The glossary 
>gives as the definition: "A title used as the preferred title for a 
>compilation containing two or more works by one person, family, or 
>corporate body, or two or more parts of a work (e.g., Works, Poems, 


IMNSO "preferred title" should always be the title on the item in hand
or on screen, if there is one.  It should be in 245.  With the
exception of a collection lacking a collective title, something
created by the cataloguer is not a good substitute.
For a work with varying manifestation titles, of course one would use
the most used title of the work in 600$t and 700$t, e.g., "Hamlet" not
"Tragedy of Hamlet".

If supplying a collective title for 245, it should be exact, e.g.,
"Two Victorian novels" not "Works. Novels."; 'Love poems" not "Works.

Using "preferred title" to mean either transcribed title or supplied
uniform title is ambiguous.

There is no reason to confuse patrons more than need be.

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