This post follows up on the announcement last week that hosting of the
RDA-L list will transfer from Library Archives Canada to the American
Library Association (ALA). Below you will find the important information
needed to navigate the transfer period. 


*         The transfer will occur on December 27th. 


*         On that date the email address for RDA-L  will change to This means beginning on Dec. 27th subscribers should send
all RDA-L posts to that address. 


*         Beginning on Dec. 27th, replies to discussion threads that
started on the RDA-L@LISTSERV.LAC-BAC.GC.CA address should be redirected


*         Current subscriptions to RDA-L will be automatically
transferred to the ALA hosting service.  


*         Subscribers will be able to manage their subscriptions and
access the full archive of RDA-L posts (from 2005 to the present) at Subscribers should use the "first
login" button when attempting to access subscription settings or the
RDA-L archive for the first time. By clicking the "first login" button
the subscriber will be able to create a password. Your email and
password will serve as your login at


Next week I will supply more instructions on using ALA lists. Please
feel free to contact me at with any questions or
concerns about this translation. 





James Hennelly

Managing Editor

ALA Digital Reference

1-800-545-2433, ext 5051, or 312-280-5051 <> 


To unsubscribe from RDA-L send an e-mail to the following address from the 
address you are subscribed under to:
In the body of the message:

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