Nicephorus, $c Blemmydes, $d 1197-1272. $t Works. $k Selections (Oeuvres theologiques)

Rupert, $c of Deutz, $d approximately 1075-1129. $t Works. $k Selections (Opera apologetica)

Talmage, James E. $q (James Edward), $d 1862-1933. $t Works. $k Selections (Beginner's guide to Talmage)

William, $c of Auvergne, Bishop of Paris, $d 1180-1249. $t Works. $k Selections (Opera homiletica)

Council of Trent $d (1545-1563 : $c Trento, Italy). $t Works. $k Selections (Documentos ineditos tridentinos sobre la justificacion)

Smith, Joseph, $c Jr., $d 1805-1844. $t Works. $k Selections (Personal writings of Joseph Smith)

Smith, Joseph, $c Jr., $d 1805-1844. $t Works. $k Selections (Essential Joseph Smith)


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