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Some updated conda packages for the 2014.09 release are also now available
from the RDKit channel on binstar:

In particular, python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.4 versions of the RDKit toolkit, and
an updated version of the RDKit-PostgreSQL cartridge are available for
linux-64. Prebuilt python 2.7 RDKit packages are also already available for
the osx-64 and win-32 operating systems, and additional platforms should be
covered in the next future.

Conda users can download and use these packages with their own
anaconda/miniconda installations, using the create, install and update
commands. Here are a couple of example commands:

# Create a python envviroment with installed ipython and the rdkit
$ conda create -c rdkit -n myenv ipython rdkit

# Install the rdkit into the active environment
$ conda install -c rdkit rdkit

(please note that the '-c rdkit' or the more verbose '-c' options are required to inform conda that
some packages should be fetched from the RDKit distribution channel on

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