Dear RDKit users,

Interpreting the default sanitization order (in, I assume that
SetAromaticity must be preceded with Kekulization (otherwise, why to
Kekulize at all if atoms and bonds are to be marked as aromatic
anyway). However, I wonder if any of the other sanitization steps, or
e.g. any stereochemistry-related operations are dependent on
Kekulization as well? The bottom line question is, if I read in a
molfile that has reliable aromatic bonds (e.g. it has gone through
successful default sanitization procedure previously), can I just mark
the corresponding atoms as aromatic and then skip both Kekulization
and SetAromaticity steps, without having anything important missing?

Thanks in advance!

The underlying reason for the whole mess is that some aromatic-N
containing molecules require the "sanifix4" correction (from this post,
which I can't use from C++ side obviously. Wonder if there is any
better solutions to this?

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