Sometime between 2014 and now there appears to have been a change in
the way hypervalent halogen structures are handled. The old behaviour
(involving some tweaking of atomic_data.cpp to allow the higher
oxidation states) was to have a neutral halogen with double bonds to
most of the oxygens, e.g.
chlorate O=Cl(=O)[O-]
perchlorate O=Cl(=O)(=O)[O-]

The current behaviour is to 'charge separate' the dative bonds, giving
chlorate [O-][Cl2+]([O+])[O-]
perchlorate [O-][Cl3+]([O-])([O+])[O-]

Although this may be regarded as 'correct' (arguable!), it  can cause
problems of compatibility with other software and looks remarkably
ugly. It's also inconsistent with the handling of hypervalent P and S
compounds. Using the same convention, we should have -

trimethylphosphine oxide C[P+]([O-])(C)C
dimethylsulfoxide C[S+]([O-])C
dimethylsulfone C[S2+]([O-])([O-])C

- and I really don't want this to happen!

Does anyone know a way to restore the old behaviour for chlorites,
bromates, periodates etc.?

Best regards,
Chris Earnshaw

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