Dear RDKitters,

  I apologize for an advertisement but it is related to RDKit also.

We would like to announce 3rd Drug Design workshop which will be held in Olomouc 23-26 January 2018. It is focused on practical applications of different chemoinformatic tools for drug development. This might be interesting for bachelor, master and PhD students to broaden their experience and sharpen skills.

  During the workshop, students will try by their own pharmacophore modeling with LigandScout, molecular docking with AutoDock Vina, similarity search and QSAR modeling with RDKit and SPCI. A competition will be organized on the final day of the workshop where participants will be able to apply gained knowledge to real chemoinformatic tasks.

  Please feel free to share this information to those who can be interested in participation in such event. Thank you.

Kind regards,

3rd Advanced in silico Drug Design workshop/hackathon 2018

Dr. Pavel Polishchuk
senior researcher
Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Palacky University
Hněvotínská 1333/5
779 00 Olomouc
Czech Republic
+420 585632298

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