Hi all,
I just realized I was unsubscribed from this list since some time so I
got back on the train.

For those wondering about the current status of the rdkit RPM package
in Fedora (and CentOS/RHEL via EPEL), I didn't abandoned maintenance
but, unfortunately, the latest few releases were impossibile to build
due to test failures in various architectures (we have half dozen of
them, little endian, big endian, you name it...).
If you want to have an idea about the situation, just have a look at:
where I attempted a build of the latest release for Fedora rawhide
(a.k.a Fedora 28)

For now, I started filing bugs related to these failures, see for instance:

As soon we will have tests passing I will surely submit updates for
Fedora and CentOS/RHEL via EPEL. Of course, any help with the above
issues would be greatly appreciated.

In the meanwhile, I updated the packages in:

x86_64 only for Fedora 26, Fedora 27 and RHEL/CentOS 7

Hope that helps


Gianluca Sforna

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