RDkit Discussion Group,

    My apologies in advance if my request is not appropriate for this 
discussion group.

    Given a small molecule that might have some resemblance to natural 

can someone suggest a free, comprehensive, PYTHON/RDkit searchable database
of natural products that might be suitable for similarity and substructure 

    I am aware of a few websites that permit searching on the website. If 
I would like to programmatically search by running a PYTHON/RDkit script on my
local machine and then return the structures of related molecules to my local 

    I would prefer not having to download and store a huge database.

    Also, if possible, it would be important to return the organism(s) that 

the natural product.  Pathway information would be also very, very helpful.

    I greatly welcome comments and suggestions.

    Thank you.



    Jim Metz

    Northwestern University

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