Hi Greg,

First of all, many thanks for all your help!

I managed to get it working for Python wrapper. Could you please give me an 
idea how to implement it for Postgres cartridge?

Kind regards,


13.12.2017 08:58, Greg Landrum <greg.land...@gmail.com>
>On Tue, Dec 12, 2017 at 7:28 PM, Andrey <pti...@ua.fm> wrote:
> >
> > Does this depend on removeHs() function? I mean, to make MergeQueryHs()
> > work, should I do removeHs=False first for all compounds in my database, to
> > preserve implicit\explicit hydrogens in their structure?
> >
> The MergeQueryHs() functionality is primarily intended to be used for
> molecules where the Hs have been removed.
> -greg

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