Alan Manuel Gloria <>
> Actually, I think I very much prefer the "\".

How about "\\" for SPLIT/GROUP?  Or use "\\" for SPLIT, and something else (say 
"....") for GROUP?

I *think* that using \\ would resolve my concerns about slashification, and I 
know you like the look of the "\" character for many use cases.

We really don't *need* to have single-character symbols for either GROUP or 
SPLIT. Even with Scheme's one-char lookahead, you can easily read in the whole 
symbol before making that decision (our current implementation does). I think 
it's important that it be non-alphabetic, for clarity (all other abbreviations 
are punctuation), but there's no implementation reason either have to be single 
characters.  Heck, Lisps already support multi-character abbreviations like 

--- David A. Wheeler

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