I worked quite a bit on my simplified readable-spinoff wisp, and since it now 
works pretty well, I drafted a SRFI. It is still quite rough, but the basics 
should be in.

In the rationale I contrast it to readable, and it would be nice if you could 
check whether I’m fair towards readable in that.

Also despite the different focus we chose, I consider you folks to be the 
experts on indentation-sensitive lisp, so I would be very happy to get your 


Best wishes,
A man in the streets faces a knife.
Two policemen are there it once. They raise a sign:

    “Illegal Scene! Noone may watch this!”

The man gets robbed and stabbed and bleeds to death.
The police had to hold the sign.

…Welcome to Europe, citizen. Censorship is beautiful.

   ( http://draketo.de/stichwort/censorship )

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