Hi, nice work on sweet expressions.

Could you add a newlisp mode for sweeten?

The main issue is that the # character in newlisp is treated as "comment until
end of line", and there are no #! (or #|?) style multiline comments.

# has no other special meanings, it isn't a prefix for special data types.

; means the same thing as it does in regular LISP.

Also there are a few things from bbcode, like [cmd][/cmd], and [text][/text]
tag pairs.  [cmd][/cmd] is only used in interactive mode, but both tag pairs
can be considered as literal multiline strings without escaping.

Also, newLisp uses {} to delimit a literal string.  I am ok with {} literal
strings being turned into quoted "" strings.  newlisp "" strings are escaped
just like C and JavaScript.

Also, newlisp source code is in UTF-8.  Is sweeten UTF-8 compatible?


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