This will be quick and dirty:

The VID Extension Kit for R2:

This is a library that overhauls VID and the styles to improve the
experience in using it and creating bigger programs with it. This is
very much a work in progress, but if I continue to keep it under
wraps, I'll never get it out. :-)

Quick feature list:

- Full tab navigation
- Field validation and autoformatting
- Full resizing
- Many new flags
- Much better face control: disabling/enabling faces, different
setting and getting of panels, complex face navigation
- Many new styles: Selectors, balancers, lists, fields, panels,
scrollers, iterators
- Many VID bugs are fixed, although the impossible ones still remain
- Many new VID bugs are introduced as well :-) Some styles are not working.

Try it out at:

A simple style browser is available at:

Very preliminary docs at:

I'll release the full sources later, but have a look and see what you
think. Remember to ask questions.

Henrik Mikael Kristensen
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