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Subject: Re: [regext] WG I-Ds in the IANA EPP Extensions Registry


Yes, it is sufficient if the extension is submitted to the IANA Registry.


My question is about the I-Ds that are going through the IETF process. For
example, Registries that have currently implemented
draft-ietf-regext-epp-fees. If it's not appropriate to register those (I-Ds
going through the IETF process) in the IANA EPP extension Registry, we will
need to support the old method of manually uploading the documentation
through the portal. If the uploading mechanism is not supported, the
Registries will be required to use the IANA EPP extension registry, and as a
result, the IANA EPP Registry will be used more.


[SAH] The normal process for items to be added to a registry as part of an
IANA action identified in an Internet-Draft is for the action to be
completed when the document is approved for publication as an RFC. I
explained why in my earlier response - Internet-Drafts are not stable and do
not represent community consensus.



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