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> When a domain is sold to a customer, a check command is sent first to 
> determine the availability.  That check command can be sent without any phase 
> attributes.  
> According to the spec when this is done the phase that is currently active 
> would be returned in the response.  
> The returned phase would then be used for the create command, resolving the 
> chicken and egg problem, unless I'm missing something (entirely possible).

Not sure whether you're referring to the launch phase or the fee
extension, but I don't think that either of them has a solution:

- The availabilty check form in the launch phase extension doesn't
  explicitly allow omitting the launch phase in the check command.
  While the XSD allows it syntactically, that case isn't covered in
  the description. Also, even if it was allowed, the check *response*
  as defined in the XSD only allows a single launch phase to be returned
  (and not one per checked domain domain, which would be needed here).

- The latest fee extension draft explicitly states that, in case no
  phase is specified but multiple ones are active, the
  server MUST respond with an error. However, in our concept,
  multiple phases are technically active at all times,
  so returning the right phase instead wouldn't be feasible.

  The only way out I'd see in this case would be a less strict
  interpretation of "active" phase: a phase is "active" if the
  domain name in question is available in that phase. However,
  this seems a bit of a stretch to me.

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