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> Subject: [EXTERNAL] [regext] WGLC: draft-ietf-regext-rdap-object-tag
> The document editors have indicated that the following document is ready
> for submission to the IESG to be considered for publication as a Best
> Current Practice:
> Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Object Tagging
> https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-regext-rdap-object-tag/
> Please indicate your support for the publication of this document.
> If any working group member objects to the publication of this document
> please respond on the list by close of business everywhere, Friday, 20
> April 2018.  If there are no objections the document will be submitted to
> the IESG.

It's been one week with no feedback at all. Come on, folks, please speak up! 
One of our obligations as working group members is to review and discuss the 
documents being developed in the group. It helps the document shepherd, the WG 
chairs, and the IESG to get a better measure of consensus based on the 
discussion. It's OK to say, "I've read the document and I have no concerns"! 
The IETF doesn't charter "lurking" groups, people!

> During the last call the chairs are looking for a document shepherd for
> this document.  If you are interested in being the document shepherd
> please let the chairs know.  The document editors cannot be the document
> shepherd.

I've found someone who is willing to be the document shepherd. I'll give him a 
"please identify yourself" poke shortly.

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